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Biontech Co., Ltd.
689-21 GEUMJEONG-DONG GUNPO-SI Gyeonggi-do 435-862 Korea
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James Park , Manager

Biontech Co., Ltd.

Biontech Co., Ltd.

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Biontech Co., Ltd. Tradeverify
Company Authentication

Legal Representative : Gyudae Cho
Address : 689-21, Geumjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel. : 82-31-4509925
Fax : 82-31-4293859
Business Registration NO. : 123-81-54813
Date of Registration : 20111221
Issuing Authority : National Tax Service

Management Verification

Name : Jessie J Song
Tel : 82-31-4509925
Fax : 82-31-4293859

The legal existence of the Business Entity and the accuracy of the corresponding data below has been authenticated by a third party credit reporting agency operating in the same country as this Business Entity.


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In providing the Authentication&Verification services, EC21 does not assume any part of the viewer's business risk and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information. EC21 will not be liable for any loss arising or resulting from reliance on this profile and errors or omissions in preparing this profile.