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Biontech Co., Ltd.
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Biontech Co., Ltd.

Biontech Co., Ltd.

Selling Lead

Sell BTM-4000New, Ultimate Alkaline Water Ionizer

[ Updated: 2019/03/27 ]
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Sell BTM-4000New, Ultimate Alkaline Water Ionizer

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What is an Ionized Water System?
Water contains various minerals and an Electrolysis Ionized Water System converts this water into Alkaline Ionized Water for drinking and Acid Ionized Water for household use through electrolysis.

Alkaline Water Ionizer, BTM-4000New
1. Production produces 3 kinds of water
- Alkaline Water[Normal Functional Water]
- Purified Water[General Drinkable Water]
- Acid Water[Functional Water for washing]

2. Main features
- Automatic Adjustment to Optimum pH Level
- Artificial Intelligence Sensor System
- More than -500mV of Maximum Reduction Power
- Advanced Silver-Nano Special Filter
- Installation of Main Body Single-Type On/Off Ceramic Valve
- Subdivision of pH Steps into 7 Steps
(5 Alkaline Water steps, 1 Acid Water steps and Purification)
- One-touch Selection Method
- Automatic Self-Cleaning and Drainage Functions
- Filter Usage and Replacement Period Display
- Water supply adjustment valve
- Recognition System approving Genuine Filter
Valid Until 2013/03/26

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Company Biontech Co., Ltd.
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