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Biontech Co., Ltd.
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Biontech Co., Ltd.

Biontech Co., Ltd.

Selling Lead

Sell BTB-201, Electric Toilet Seat

[ Updated: 2019/03/27 ]
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Sell BTB-201, Electric Toilet Seat

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Main Features
Enema Wash - Soft but powerful water wash for added cleansing benefit
Instant Heating[Pumping Type] - Enjoy efficient and continuous warm water with energy saving
Self Diagnosis - Self diagnosis function continuously monitors operation
Learning Energy Save - Energy saving computer funcction learns through weekly use patterns to save energy
Self-Cleaning - To wash and maintain clean nozzle that operates before and after every use
Detachable Main Body - Easy to install and detach for cleaning or moving
Low Noise Motor Pumpt - Provide quiet and constant water pressure for effec
Dry - After using bidet, user has the option to dry
Deodorization - A small fan circulates air through a cabon filter improving the air quality
Remote Control - All operating functions are controlled from a wireless remote control with the LCD
Compact Design - Fits most 1 and 2 piece toilets. Sleek-Low profile-Contoured design
Bubble Wash - Aerated water wash adis cleansing
Pulse - Pulse wash repeatedly cycles from weak to strong
Massage - Nozzle moves back and forth for massage effect
Adjustable Nozzle Position - Users can adjust nozzle position to desired setting
Seat Sensor - User must be sitting to activate controls
Warm Seat - Seat temperature can be adjusted according to the users
' preference
User Preset-User presets and stores memory for control setting for 4 users
Valid Until 2013/03/26

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