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What Is Ionized Water?

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What Is Ionized Water?

How ion water is created?

When the most original form of water, tapped water is purified and given electrified, alkaline water is created at a cathode and acidic water at an anode. Since a cathode contains lots of positive ionic substance, such as Ca++, Mg++, K+ and Na+, as well as H2, alkaline water with low pH is created. An anode, which has a lot of negative ionic substance, such as CI- and S-, produces acidic water with high pH.

Alkaline water and Reactive oxygen

Three to ten percent of oxygen inhaled by mammals, including humans is transformed into reactive oxygen. Reactive oxygen plays a significant role, because when germs, virus, molds and other foreign substance invade into the body, macrophages within a leukocyte eliminates the alien materials by using reactive oxygen, thereby protecting the body.

However, when the level of reactive oxygen increases than needed due to ultra rays, intake of medicine and environment pollutants, it regards even healthy cells and organs as alien substances and attacks them to inflict medical damage. Therefore, it works like a double-edged sword. When the amount of reactive oxygen becomes excessive and set to attack healthy cells and organs, an enzyme, called super oxide dismutase (SOD) in the body disintegrates the reactive oxygen. The damages done by environmental destruction are seen to be the results of excessive reactive oxygen produced by chemicals, sterilizer and nitrogen compound such as radioactive rays, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, processed food and anticancer drugs. It would be nice, if SOD works well to get rid of excessive reactive oxygen, no matter how much of them are created. But SOD gets weaken with aging

Water that eliminates reactive oxygen, the source of various diseases

The research paper, titled ?Alkaline water eliminates reactive oxygen and protects DNA from oxidative damages? by professor Shirahata at Kyoto University in Japan referred alkaline water at a cathode created by electrolysis. He argued that the active hydrogen contained in electrolytic reducing water gets rid of reactive oxygen, hence keeps body health and has healing effect for adult diseases. Reactive oxygen or free radical inflicts oxidative damage to bio-molecules, leading to aging and various aliments. And active hydrogen, which eliminates reactive oxygen, is created at cathode in the process of electrolysis. He also noted that electrolytic reducing water has high pH, low dissolved oxygen (DO), high dissolved hydrogen (DH) and negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). The paper was published by a globally renowned science journal, BBRC. Professor Lee Kyu-jae at Yonsei Medical University announced at the meeting of the Korean Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology on October 29, 2004 that his one-year research found Biontech's BTM-700 was excellent at eliminating reactive oxygen.

What is ion water with full life?

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